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1 definition by Daygo

Alrite heres how to get and how to enjoy that lean....goto your doctor and say you wake up in the middle of the nite coughing up blood and that you have dry throat every nite, and say u tried ur grandpas promethazine with codeine once and it worked good...alrite now u got a pint for 10 bucks if u have insurance (fuck paying 150-180 per pint on the streets hahaha) for the formula....this is wat i recommend for ur first time leanin..

-2 oz of the prometh (this equals exactly 4 tablespoons)
-20oz sprite with ice
-a jolly rancher or 2
-a finely rolled blunt of the 65 dollar an 1/8th kush from the cannibus club
-find urself a nice couch, light it up, sip it up, and enjoy
"That lean had me sleepin for 2 days straight"

20 oz = a deuce
1 liter = a fo
2 liter = a half pint
by Daygo April 17, 2007
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