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The stimulation and subsequent ejaculation of a man's penis by means of the sensual interaction between a man's penis and one or multiple guns (usually a hand gun). One may be performed upon one's self, but is usually done by the gun holder upon his/her lover. Gun jobs are more popular amongst the homosexual community due to the phallic nature of the gun, although still practiced amongst heterosexuals. Seldom referred to as a "GJ"
Quincy: "So I was down at the shooting range yesterday shooting my Winchester. I noticed Emma was also there. When I finished with my ammo I approached her and complimented her piece.

"That is a nice gun." I said "Shoots really well."

"That is not all it does." She said.
Then she took me into the ammo room and gave a sweet Gun Job."

Bryan: "No way."

Quincy: "Way."
by DaxFishr March 22, 2010

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