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SEGA dreamcast and Xbox adventure. The most jaw-dropping astounding game i have ever had the luxury to play. There is nothing quite like it. All the usual RPG's that people go for are deep in the past in swords and saucery, whereas this RPG is set in recent times in the 80's as a young man aims to avenge his fathers death at the hands of a man we only know as Lan Di. The adventure takes you on a journey through japan and china spanning two games. Although the series is not yet finished and hopefully a 3rd story game will be released. A MMORPG called shenmue online is currently in development and will hopefully be a great addition to the series. Shenmue also features the qte
Ryo's vocabulary : "I see" and "Do you know anything about the THREE BLADES?"

Subject of a hilarious fan film known as shenmue : the gang edition. which can be found at www.planetxbox.com/shenmuedojo/
by Davidoff January 06, 2005

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