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Danville VA is a town where societys standards are as low as they come. It's a town where kids wear the shirts of bands they are going to see, where men in their mid 20's date 16 year old girls and adorn themselves homeade armor and prance around in mosh pits, where "hip" coffee shops host metal bands and middle aged men playing MIDI van morrison covers on their 100 dollar yamaha keyboards. Yes this sounds terrible but i promise it only gets worse. The counterculture pride of this town was their "amazing punk scene" which consisted of a few 15 year kids playing out of tune power chords on squier strats through 15 watt amps and the same shitty drummer in every band playing the same shitty kit. The metal scene is equally bad, and is always atleast 5 years out of date, to emphasise this, nu metal is still considered "new". All decent shows booked by one of the few decent kids living in the area are overlooked and anyone that dosen't listen to the same 3 bands is "emo".
band member - "Hey man we're playing in DC on the 9th and in Greensboro on the 11th, you wanna try to book a show in Danville on the 10th?"
other band member - "Nah man, we'll just take that day off, i don't want to spend the rest of the tour popping paxil to try and cheer myself up after spending more than 5 minutes in that town"
by Davidisnotfromdanville October 17, 2006
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