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A series of Strategy/Role Play Games made and produced in Japan. Currently consists of a series of 9 games. For now, only one game, FE7, Rekka No Ken, has made it to US shores. After FE7's great fame with American gamers, it is likely that FE8, Seima no Kouseki and FE9, for the Game Cube, will come to the USofA in the future.
Keep praying, maybe you'll get Fire Emblem for Christmas!
Fire Emblem is the best game! It pwns everything!!
by David_Maelstrom October 31, 2004
verb: To 'teo' is to have no idea what is happening in an online conversation, and to mash a capital X, followed by any number of capital D's, ranging from two to eighteen.
D00d: My avatar is cool. You like it?
by David_Maelstrom December 25, 2004
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