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A place where millions of fifth generation Irish college students associate their heritage with in order to justify their drinking and rowdiness. Also they use their "heritage" to explain why it is they can drink so much because everyone know the only way to increase your tolerance to alcohol is to be Irish and not by drinking more.

The association between Americans who are 1/4 Irish with a country they have never visited and know nothing about is very similar to 5th generation Italians kids wearing John Gotti shirts and going on and on about their mothers hand made mannicotti in order to "embrace" their ethnicity.

Get a clue and embrace something worthwhile such as the poets and artists that Ireland cultivated and not ale and binge drinking. At least get to know your culture and associate yourself with an Irish club in your town and bring pride to your people instead of being a shameless, sloppy drunk and then saying "Hey it's okay if i drink 10 beers a day, I'm Irish!"
College Kid #1 - "My grandfather is from Ireland that's why I can hold 20 beers and not be drunk!"

College kid #2 - "Oh cool, you must have alot of pride in the beautiful language of Gailic. How do you feel about the struggle going on in your country right now?"

College kid #1 - " I don't know what you're talking about but let's play some Dropkick Murphy's and pick a fight with some dirty British faggot for trying to take over my country because I'm so Irish"!

College kid #2 - "Why are you randomly speaking in an Irish accent?"
by David155555 February 11, 2007

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