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Staying Connected, or being connected to others.
She knows what's going down because she is in the loop.


If you're not in the clique, you don't click with the group, and you're not in the loop.
by David Z. Eunice January 24, 2007
1. Is when something is so bad, or so poorly done that a simple modification will not correct it, and the project needs to be redesigned altogether or scrapped.

2. Something is modified so much, it is designed anew, or seems to be a totally different design for the same purpose. The play plywood retainer wall was demodified into a concrete bag alleged retainer wall which need to be de-modified again.
Estancia Palm Springs said their poorly consturcted Retainer Wall was "Structurally Insufficient". Whereas, they claim the wall need modification, I beleive it really needs de-modification, because it is so bad that no quick fix will do.

A modern automobile is a demodification of the horse drawn carriage.
by David Z. Eunice June 14, 2007
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