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1. a Hollywood type with an aggressive, left-leaning agenda (actor + activist)

2. a celebrity activist
And "Good Night" is only one example of how Clooney is shedding his party boy persona and becoming more of an "actorvist."

(Newsweek, October 10, 2005 issue)
by David R. Gahary October 02, 2005
An unexpected and unwelcome reappearance of somebody or something in different form or shape.
The stock junkie came back to pump the stock under a different alias. The pumper's regurgance was greeted by almost universal disgust.
by David R. Gahary August 18, 2007
The residential area on the outskirts of suburbia.
A thick dawn mist ensnares a subrural New Jersey ranch home and stretches across the several acres it occupies.
by David R. Gahary August 13, 2005
Computer software designed for “'click fraud'—bogus clicks that do not come from genuinely interested customers," to abuse the 'pay-per-click' model of Internet advertising, "the single largest category within this flourishing industry, accounting for nearly half of all spending". (Nov 23rd 2006 The Economist)

Dick signed on with a company specializing in fraudware, used to increase the number of hits to all advertising banners on his Web site, which ranged in price from $0.10 to as much as $30.
by David R. Gahary January 16, 2007
Acronym for "Crap 'N Nap."
All I want to do after a great meal is to take a crap and then a nap, a "CNN," for short.
by David R. Gahary November 17, 2005
Acronym for "A Waste Of Life".
Jonathan's nickname is AWOL, 'cause all he does all day is turn radio dials.
by David R. Gahary August 13, 2005

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