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An example of an mp3 player that kicks a Apple ipod in the face majorly. ipod states the ipod nano (1gb) has a battery life of 14 hours and can hold upto 250 songs in total and has a price of $219.
While the Sony NW-E107 Network Walkman (1GB)has a maximum battery life of 70 hours on 1 AAA battery, can hold upto 695 ATRAC3 songs and with a price of $150 it clearly is a better choice.
walkman VS nano
person #1 : Hey, theres a pic of you on my nano,have a look.

person #2 : Hmmmm....i dont think thats me, the screen's way too small to see photos on.

person #1 : Oh well...you can fit more photo's than you will probibly ever need soo who cares.
by David Healy August 14, 2006
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