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Meaning the joining of busineses,secretly, not to compete with eachother. Usually verbally and in secret. People mistake this noun as a Hispanic Drug Smuggling Gang. That is true if you play Grand Theift Auto III
Syn.: Monoploy
Quick Mart and Super Fast made a cartel with eachother to offer the same prices and profit money together
by David Havird March 15, 2005
Abbreviation for Atlanta, Georgia. Usually referred to by rappers. Home of the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets and the Varsity Restruant. Best city in the South besides Columbia, South Carolina.
We Repin' the A.T.L. playa.
by David Havird March 23, 2005
A.K.A. UGA, Believed to be a good school by anyone who lives 2500 thousand miles away. Most students and young graduates of UGA are annoying, rude, and alcohol addicted rednecks. The women are whores and the men are all preppy fags
Look at my A&F Shirt! Doesnt it go good with my jeans and burgenstocks???
by David Havird March 17, 2005

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