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v. To sit in waiting, for example, outside a public library and sniff ladies bicycle seats immediately after their owner has dismounted and gone inside. Also to snudge.
Well, Smithy, if you must know, I was over quumfing at the pre-med conference.
by David Gustafson August 27, 2003
Sleep which begins no earlier than 2am. Often accompanied by delirious web surfing and a caffeine crash.
"... just let me get some sezlep...", Bubba told Chris after a romantic interlude.
by David Gustafson November 08, 2004
The effect of one's hand moving faster than the eye can see.
masturbation ... think about it.
by David Gustafson June 07, 2004
british rhyming cockney for "bag of chip". (see Jockey)
'lo Mac, I'll take a turkey sub and a jockey whip.
by David Gustafson October 14, 2003
british rhyming cockney for "potato chips". Short for Jockey Whips. Similar to "apples and pears" meaning "stairs".
'eh, luv. Pop in the kitchen for me, and grab me a jockey?
by David Gustafson October 14, 2003
A biased judge. Often selecting people based on flirtation and previous ... arangements.

Named after the great chorus teacher himself.
Man, Bill should've gotten the role, but the judge was a real linner and it went to the guy that biffed his audition.
by David Gustafson June 07, 2004
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