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2 definitions by David Fisk

Jacking refers to the act of robbing or stealing and can refer to jacking one person in particular or can refer to say lyrics from a tune.
"Did you hear what happened to Leroy Brown on the 93 bus last night? He got jacked by a group of kids... they took his phone".


"That 50 cent is whack... hes always jacking lyrics from other mans tunes... allow him"
by David Fisk April 08, 2006
Gashface refers to someone with a facial configuration that quite closely resembles a female genitalia. Although it is quite unlikely that someone would in fact have a vagina located on their face, it is used as an insult and generally implies that someone is fugly.
Look at Ramsey Jouzy walk past, what a ridiculously gashy gashface that boy has.
by David Fisk June 10, 2006