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The smelly sweat mixed with shit found in the crack of an ass.
After working all day, Jim noticed the smell of crack butter coming from his pants.
by David Faircloth June 21, 2005
The white stinkie slime found on the head of your dick at the end of the day.
I found some duck cheese on my dick last night dear.
by David Faircloth June 21, 2005
A dick down a throat.
I watched Janis use a large throat rod to satisfy that tickle see has.
by David Faircloth June 21, 2005
A word that only a complete nit wit with an eternity of time would attempt to define. The same nit wit you find in the early morning hours at Walmart cranked out of his ass reading the lables on all the meds in the store and takeing small appliances apart.
Look at this asshole Ralph, he is tieing his ass up with thread and looking for the meaning of life so he can define it.
by David Faircloth March 23, 2005
What happens when wipeing your ass too hard and punching a hole in the paper.
I wish my wife would get better tolit paper. Everytime I wipe my ass I have stink finger for hours.
by David Faircloth June 21, 2005
A penis, prick, pecker, cock tool.
I just had to use my trusty one eyed heat probe.
by David Faircloth June 21, 2005
What some one sucking a dick has sticking out of their mouth.
While giving Dave head, Judy's lip balls hung on her chin.
by David Faircloth June 21, 2005
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