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3 definitions by David Edwards

The ability to completely change state of mind, emotion, etc. depending on which conversation window (or "tab" in some clients) you are in.
User X: how goes it?
Tabpolar User: Haha, depends on what conversation tab I'm in.
by David Edwards August 19, 2006
7 2
similar to the traveling tent-shows which used to move across America in the 'old days' giving popular talks intending to edify, entertain, improve the mind and bring culture and enlightenment to the listener.
'In this Chautauqua I intend to discuss the meaning of the Greek Sophists.
by David Edwards November 11, 2003
27 68
Slang, representing Dinnington, England
Sirak: I say good gangster chap, shall we take the trolly to D Town to continue our journey of being straight up "G"s?
Bread: Quite so, my stereotypical half-Brithsh half-gangster homeboy.
by David Edwards April 09, 2006
31 358