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One who pushes a cork all the the way into an already sealed bottle, thereby obstructing the path of matter out of the bottle and making it incredibly difficult to remove the cork itself.
Dammit, Michael, what on God's green earth possessed you to push that cork into my bottle? You're such a cork pusher!
#unintellegent #compulsive #stupid #belligerant #lame.
by David Cox May 13, 2006
knock six out in an 8 hour period
i'm going upstairs to do an ali ingram
by david cox June 06, 2003
Refers to guys who are incredibly fat and ugly. Coltons are excessively nasty and enjoy hitting on other people's girlfriends. This usually results in the Colton getting his fat ass kicked. Coltons give off a pungent odor and have terrible acne both on the face and on other extremities of the body. Just looking at a Colton compels most people to violent spasms of projectile vomiting.
1.) UGH! A Colton tried to make a pass on my girlfreind today and now she's vomiting uncontrolably. I'd kick his ass but every time I get near him i pass out due to his horrible smell.
#rutzman #gg rutz #cork pusher #fat #gross
by David Cox November 23, 2006
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