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Chewing gum (Bolton, Lancs, UK). The only slang for chewing gum (sticks, usually Wrigleys Original, always bought from non-electrical vending machines. (author observed 1970s). Of particular interest because author has also noted radically different slang quite locally - to teenagers in Kidsgrove 30mi Southchewy - the default instinctive British contraction becomes chong whereas in Burnley 20mi North it is choddy
I'm just going to the paper shop to get some spiggy from the machine.
by David Atherton July 04, 2004
n. Brit. mostly Northern. Newsagent/News-seller. usually sells greeting cards, stationery, tobacco, chocolate bars, cold drinks, basic provisions. Typified by owner-management and long opening hours.
Go to the paper shop and get some fags and crisps
by David Atherton July 04, 2004
n. Brit. slang from chewing gum. See spiggy. (East Lancashire, very localised, eg chong in Stoke-on-Trent, 50mi distant, spiggy in Bolton, 20m distant. Sometimes given as chuddy but this is consistent with local vowel sub-variants.
Got any choddy, I've none left. or: I've only a tanner left, it'll have to be a pack of choddy instead.
by David Atherton July 04, 2004

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