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The Capital of California, Sacramento is a medium-sized metropolitan area containing several layers of government: State, federal, county, city and even some military elements (though most military bases were closed in the '90s) Though some still believe it's a "Cow Town", there are several developments of late that have dispelled that image. Sacramento is not a bad city as cities go; we have many forms of entertainment, high-end restaurants, the State Fair, Old Sacramento and other attractions, including a yearly Jazz Festival. What the city lacks is a major tourist type attraction like Disneyland, or Great America. Luckily, Sacramento is within drivable distances to cities and beaches that DO attract tourists. The casinos springing up around the region do little to add to the entertainment choices. Some good concerts are staged on occasion, but that's not a regular thing. I think Sacramento is still struggling to emerge from it's rural roots, and is ready to grow into a major destination for all types of revenue producing industries, in addition to more appealing entertainment draws.
People drive from Sacramento to the Bay Area for most Major League sports, even though we do have AAA Baseball, and of course, our Kings basketball franchise. The region has everything it needs to become a major player in any form of industry and/or tourist attractions. It is to Sacramento's disadvantage that their populations seek these types of entertainment elsewhere.
by Daveybl December 13, 2010

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