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4 definitions by Davetheant

Short for the word talk. Vowels have been removed.
Send an email to her if u wanna tlk.
by Davetheant July 20, 2008
25 6
Ul'd is short for the word Uploaded, as dl'd is short for the word Downloaded.
I just ul'd some pictures to Facebook.
by Davetheant September 21, 2008
5 1
Similar to clepto/klepto, meaning someone who steals things without being able to help himself or herself
Hes an eclepto man... he just stole the complimentary mints.
by Davetheant September 24, 2009
1 1
short for blanked or blanked out
Dude I totally blnkd while playing Guitar Hero--I couldnt even beat Slow Ride!
by Davetheant August 05, 2008
1 2