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When a man is only attracted to Jewish women.
That guy has to have a raging case of Jew Flu, he's a gentile who is going to temple.
by Dave the Wave April 05, 2006
1. A rust belt city in the southern teir of New York.
2. More common use: a SUNY college in neighboring vestal. It is only surpassed in quality by SUNY Geneseo. This is a school that people from poor towns dream of getting into. Many students who go here are grateful to be getting a quality education without having to go $100,000 into debt. I am very happy and fortunate to be a student here.
While the weather here can only be described frozen hell. This is a campus a student needs to own a car to be able to buy anything they need, to simply buy cigarettes it is an hour walk.
Unfortunately there is a small minority of students who ruin the image of a hard-working student, who can't afford anything more expensive. That minority of students proceed to convince the the citizens of binghamton, or townies, that all students here are spoiled, bored, cocaine addicted kids from around NYC. I hope they choke.
1. Binghamton, also known as parlour city, is a city in decline.
2. Binghamton it may have a lot of Long Islanders, but I am getting a great education and I am not broke.
by Dave the Wave April 02, 2006

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