17 definitions by Dave buttox

To swim to the bottom of a pool and fart..then chasing the bubbles up and popping them with your teeth...
He drank a bunch of cheap beer so he could impress the chick's at the party with the ol' fondaloon
by Dave Buttox May 10, 2004
when you have a bonner it is the act of tucking it under youre ass and spreading youre ass cheek's so the victim see's the brown eye and hard on so it look's like a demented oral treat thus the Bannana stiff..
She wasent in the mood so I showed her the bannana stiff and her sexual appetite was in full effect...
by Dave Buttox May 17, 2004
Epf is a sound made when somone say's something to you that you think is a waste of breath....a reaction to a idiotic statement....
Jerry.."hey Buttox I havent drank or smoked or eatin meat since new year's"

by Dave Buttox May 17, 2004
A code word said after a sentance to let youre freind in the room know you are full of shit....
"No No we didn't drink all the beer there is still some in the garage..."....BRABBITY
by Dave Buttox May 10, 2004
The act of swiming to the bottom of a pool and farting then swiming up and biteing the bubble's with youre teeth...
I laughed when he did the fondaloon in my pool...
by Dave Buttox May 10, 2004
when you drink to much Pabst blue ribbon the night before and you have beer fart's all the next day..you get smoker's breath on youre draw's
I have a big ol' pabst smear on my favorite pant's
by Dave Buttox May 17, 2004
To take by cunning mean's to steal..
I went to a party and someone mized my lighter...
by Dave Buttox May 05, 2004
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