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The Fonz is the Act of undoing a girl's bra in under one second..
The was not only impressed with my car and house but she loved the Fonz the best
by Dave Buttox May 05, 2004
The Phrase coined by the Infamous "Steve Burkemper"..who is most famous for his breakthou creation of one of the most used "Lot term's" know to date...kick down so i can get down ..Steve invented this term on New year's eve 2003 when his sidekick Dave was drooling over one of the two "Dreddy Diva's" know to frequent Greatful Dead type event's....
Dave--- Staring at the Diva.."Yo Steve i wanna hit that."....Steve--"Yo relax man that's a CHUNKY MONKEY......
by Dave Buttox February 08, 2005
The orange monkey is a kama sutra move where a guy has his partner not deficate for as long as she can .then when she cant hold it any longer he fuck's her in the ass a finishe's then leave's his penis in her ass till it go's limp pisse's in her ass and when she hold's it in on her way to the bathroom she look's like a monkey waddelng back and forth and the orange come's in cause the fluid leaking out is orange..the orgasim is supposed to be excellent...
I knew she was dowwn when she did the orange monkey
by Dave buttox May 17, 2004

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