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Gadgaholism is the popular term for two disorders, gadget abuse and gadget dependence. The hallmarks of both these disorders involve repeated life problems that can be directly attributed to the use/purchasing of electrogadgets.

Both these disorders can have serious consequences, affecting an individual's health, finances, and personal life, as well as having an impact on society at large.
I camped out for three days to get the new iphone only to realize their supply was more than adequate to meet demand... i'm afraid i suffer from gadgaholism.
by Dave S Young July 02, 2007
someone who suffers from gadgaholism
exhibiting an addiction to the purchasing or acquiring of gadgtastic devices

Adam is a total gadgaholic, he bought glorified a $500 heart monitoring watch that claims to be a personal electronic trainer. I'm not sure if he'll ever use it but man he was ecstatic to have one.
by Dave S Young July 02, 2007
Intense or unrestrained craving for a product, state or experience of gadgtastic euphoria that stems from playing with or using electrogadgets
dude, i'm having trouble surpressing my electrogadget lust for the iphone
by Dave S Young July 02, 2007
the degree to which something is considered a gadget
i dont know if its useful but its gadgetiness is off the charts
by Dave S Young July 02, 2007
a sublime product, state, or experience that is wonderful, superb, or remarkable for its gadget-like qualities

hey dude some friends came over and we played with our (wii, gameboy, iphones etc) dude it was gadgtastic

was playing wit with the new iphone is one hell of an electrogadget
by Dave S Young July 02, 2007
an electronic device who's core quality is its gadgetiness which
hey dude that new iphone is one hell of an electrogadget
by Dave S Young July 02, 2007

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