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A term used to describe tripping on acid since many people describe how vivid colors are while high.
Stacy and me were on the technicolor highway at the concert
by Dave N'Busta May 23, 2010
A stereotypical remark made about blacks in the south because they indulge in moon pies and barbecue. Making a similar reference to menthol marijuana.
"Yo can a nigga get a barbecue moon pie and a grape soda?"
by Dave N'Busta February 16, 2010
The stringy white cottage cheese discharge the secretes from a mans penis when he has contracted a yeast infection. Usually through intercourse with a woman that has a yeast infection.
Jack got string cheese after bangin some nasty ass stripper...bitch be hate'n life
by Dave N'Busta May 23, 2010

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