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A stupid sick name for a great musical incon. He is bigger then Madonna and ELvis and SOld loads more records.
wacko jacko, is a freak!
by Dave M March 07, 2004
A person who for one reason or another projects his/her "toughness" (gangsta) over MySpace in an attempt to intimidate another person.

MySpace version of a "Telephone Tough Guy"
Jon: "Listen up you punk bitch, When I see you I am gonna fuck your world up"

Dave: "Whatevea man you aint gon do shit... you just a MySpace gangsta"
by Dave M June 19, 2006
To have it all, everything at once.
Man, that ho' bangs like she's the whole shebang!
by Dave M October 17, 2003
Someone with an extreme sense of humor.
That dude is a real funny Corker.
by Dave M May 04, 2004
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