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one that has such an orange face from spending so much time on sunbeds, that their face is like cardboard
kanoute: hello dave
dave: you've been on that sunbed again, haven't you, you're turning into a cardboaard face
by Dave davidson February 04, 2005
Stoner slang for 'There's a mother fucking change of plan'.
'When are we going to the pub?'
- 'Tamfcop, I can't be arsed. Roll another blunt'.
by Dave Davidson December 26, 2003
Came from the stoner underworld. When one of your comrades is staring into space and you want to ask him, 'What are you thinking about/What was teh last thought which went through your mind?', save time (and don't let them forget) by using this word instead.
(Friend staring into space)
- 'Doh. I was just thinking about how, because our fastest possible reaction time is 1/30s, we're therefore always living in the past, and then maybe this is all a flashback and I'm actually already dead twenty years in the future.'
- 'Oh.'
by Dave Davidson December 26, 2003
Has sex with children. Sometimes for money. This is because he is too fucking ugly and retarded to get women his own age.

See cradle snatcher
Hi little children, come to see me at the swings, and we'll have "sweets"
by Dave Davidson April 26, 2005
'Foul' can also be used as a positive adjective.
e.g.'Those trainers are totally foul, dude', meaning 'Those trainers are really rather cool'.
by Dave Davidson December 26, 2003
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