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a person with many personalities. doesnt suffer from bipolarness(if thats a word) or schizophrenia but can be supper bubbly and then if someone make them mad.... its on and poppin!! Being a dot is having a style...that is exquisite........having a smile is charming.......being dot is recognizing the real from the fake... .. the gucci from the gacci... the iphone from the prepaid.....lol. What it means to be dot is being a rebel. Meaning standing for what u believe in even if others dont. Also means major flirt. Point blank, it takes alot to be dot.... and for that.....a unique and a rare human being
Dots can also be mistaken for hoe's because of their flirtatious ways.
Camrey: You see her over there flirting with all those guys?
Jasmine: Yeah. Bet shes a Dot...
Camrey: She is deffinately a Dot
by DatyBabie13 June 02, 2011

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