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When a female unexpectedly receives a load in her face by her male counter part.
Geoff was ready to finish, and intentionally blew his load straight into Nancy's unsuspecting right eye. She realized she had just been sucka cummed!
by Datlife August 26, 2013
There are 2 kinds of fb famous people
1. people who are indeed famous but only by the people they know irl, and leave near them
2.(most importan term) people who spend their time doing lots of posts and other kinds of statuses, usually short and funny. Usually talking about their everyday life, things they see and not stuff that makes them look like they only want to get attention (that belongs to the first term).
Fb famous people (2) USUALLY get lots of likes, but there is no reall need for people who take like 20 likes or smth to be invisible. So, likes are a big thing about being fb famous, but not the HOW MANY likes you get but FROM WHO you get them.
fb famous ppl (2) get likes from people they DO NOT know irl, which actually makes them famous.
They are pretty intresting usually.
And USUALLY they are people who have a good amount of friends, -not best friends-.
They are intresting and they do SOMETHING. Like,
1.Play video games, or
2.Watch anime (find the term somewhere else) or
3.Draw good
4.Have something else preicious or

5.Listening to some kind of music or
6.IDK something else
These people CANNOT be irl famous.
But they have to be funny and make lots of posts.
:Omg! Did u see ''Marry's'' new post?
:No, but i do have her in close friends! She posts so much that i have lost control lol
:I did, it's hillarious!
:She is so rad lol, I hope i meet her someday.
:That's not easy! She is so Facebook Famous!
by datlife November 22, 2014

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