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In the 1980s, in the Mid Atlantic region of the United States, grits was the term used to describe the metalheads that were also obsessed with cars. "Grits" because they were usually dirty with motor oil and dirt (grit) from lying on the ground under cars. Mullets were optional, but commmon. Usually they wore black t-shirts with heavy metal band logos, jeans torn at the knees, and high-top sneakers, half unlaced with the tongue over the cuff of the jeans -- jeans were often tucked into the sneakers. A bandana tied around one leg or in a back pocket was a standard accessory.

A flannel shirt or jacket was also part of the dress. The jacket was faded blue or black denim. Band names/logos/patches/pins were pretty much a requirement.
"Oh, man, I hate this mall. The parking lot outside the food court is always loaded with Grits."
by DataAngel July 29, 2003
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