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2 definitions by Dat_OakCliff_Nigga

Popcorn is a form of weed that started in West Dallas. It's just as strong if not stronger then "The Chronic". A couple of hits of that shit, and you're gone !
How much of that popcorn you got left ?

Shit, just enough for two cigars !
by Dat_OakCliff_Nigga June 29, 2006
Another way of refering that you or someone is gettin or wanting to get high off that white girl.
BLACK: What it do bro ?!

RAY RAY: Shit !

BLACK: Wassup on That Issue ?

RAY RAY: Dats wassup. I just got a sixteenth, you down ?!

BLACK: Already !!!!!!!!
by Dat_OakCliff_Nigga October 17, 2006