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2 definitions by Dat Mamolly

a sexual act of forcefully shoving a hand or a finger up a male or female party zone; penis vagina or asshole
Joe: Dude, If you don't shut the fuck up, I swear I will Saracho you!

"I swear I will make it possible to Saracho you if you tell anyone!"

"Don't stop there! Saracho me!!!"
by Dat Mamolly April 02, 2008
verb: to stun someone with your beauty....
noun:a total hottie, usually has blue eyes and shaggy brown hair. you totally want him in your pants.

ex. (verb) Wow, did you see him!??? He's gorgeous! such a lemonhead!!!!
ex. (noun) i want that lemonhead in my pantelones.
by Dat Mamolly April 03, 2008