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1. n. A marketing scam by a music downloading company to generate publicity. Supposed Brody Ruckus sightings should be treated the same as supposed Elvis Sightings.

2. n. The cause of all subsequent online groups titled if my group reaches ______ members, ________ will _________.
1. Holy shit! Brody Ruckus is staning next to Bigfoot!

2. If this group reaches 1,000 members, I will eat my own feces.
by Dasher10 January 14, 2007
The state of having a boner
I am experiencing true happiness right now
by dasher10 November 14, 2006
To cover a song in a totally unacceptable vocal style.
Dude, you just Chris Barnes'ed that song!
by Dasher10 August 18, 2008

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