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Someone who openly and vigorously defends the films of Michael Bay. Claiming them to be grand feats of cinema when actually they are just hot chicks and explosions.
Tristan claims Transformers 2: Rise of the Fallen is as great a film as Citizen Kane, what a baysexual douche.
by Daryllrn Tonkminferd April 21, 2011
When you are hung-over and drink to cure it, but you end up getting black out drunk again and have to keep this up forever turning you into an accidental alcoholic.
Ever since St. Patrick's Day Karen has become a total hangoveraholic.
by Daryllrn Tonkminferd April 21, 2011
The act of drinking three gallons of apple juice in order to achieve really dirty smelling farts. Then cut a powerful fart and before the smell can disperse run up to someone (preferably a perfect stranger on the street) and give them a good five second hug. Cherish the perplexed and disgusted look on their face, priceless.
Jerry's been dropping gnarly fart hugs on us all day.
by Daryllrn Tonkminferd April 21, 2011
Someone who believes anything they read on the internet like a total fucking idiot.
Nicole spends all her time looking up 2012 bullshit on the internet and just believes everything, even when these new-found beliefs blatantly contradict one another. What a fucking netard.
by Daryllrn Tonkminferd April 21, 2011

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