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an insult used in the movie "Harold and Kumar Go To Whitecastle" when Roldy is telling off those two douchebags at the end.
"This guy thinks I'm not quick enough, well I got news for you, I AM quick enough........ COCKBOY!" (douchebag guy trying to come up with an comeback after Harold calls him cockboy)
by Darth Sully December 02, 2006
Worst. President. EVER. Term was coined by his famous mispronunciation of his own name (George W. Bush). Makes Nixon look like a great president and Clinton look like Honest Abe. Got our once great country involved in a war over oil (he has connections with the petroleum industry), did nothing to help millions of Hurricane Katrina survivors (well he DID give the contract of rebuilding New Orleans to a bunch of his money-grubbing corrupt buddies), wants to uncostitutionally spy on americans private lives, is a staunch opponent of abortion, gay rights, stem-cell research, Islam, free speach, and liberalism, claiming that the bible is what should govern Americans (we are governed by the Bill of Rights, NOT the 10 Commandments, cuntwipe), and just being an overall neocon douchebag who wants to run America to the ground over what he believes to be the "morally right" thing to do.
Fuck Dubya, I'll take Kinky Friedman for President anyday.
by Darth Sully December 02, 2006
A brand of durable work clothes that somehow became trendy among young people belonging to the Hip Hop, Wankster, Rap-world, Sk8r punx, hot topic Gawths and other poser groups. It's an insult that both Hot Topic and Hip Hop clothing stores sell dickies to teeny-boppers trying to be cool just like everyone else. Other than that, Dickies is great quality at a relatively cheap price and they come in any color or style you'll need for a work uniform.
I wear dickies as their supposed to be worn: on the job.
by Darth Sully November 21, 2006

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