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2 definitions by Darrin Pulver

"Crockery" is a middle eastern derived slang referring to the "entity of" cutlery and dishware combined in a unique gift pack. "Crockery" can be given to a bachelor by an older man only if the intention of the crockery is to aid the bachelor in engaging in carnal knowledge with a female who is capable of staining the bachelor's housewares.
Daniel used his new "crockery" to entice his female companion into allowing him to apply a "warhammer" with the purposes of staining his housewares.
by Darrin Pulver December 17, 2004
A somewhat attractive young woman with above average "junk in the trunk" who inadvertently walks in such a manner that allows her male coworkers to discover stains on her undergarmets, most likely caused by a partial "wedgie" which has absorbed vaginal discharge. Although the size of the stains are somewhat debatable, they are undeniable.
Daniel invited "Stains" back to his "crib" so he could inspect the "meat curtain".
by Darrin Pulver December 20, 2004