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A jeep that fulfills the purpose of transporting people in the Philippines. Equivalent to a taxi here in the states but, ummm, kind of different. People can ride on the top of jeepneys.
I rode on the jeepney and I pooped my pants.
by Darrell February 26, 2004
Ibn Young
An underground rapper from that m-town
representin that Memphis 10
also mean "the only son"
IBN, IBN, IBN in the wind IBN in the wind
them dividends are comin in.
by Darrell November 04, 2003
A person who masturbates more than 3 times a day on a daily basis.
That guy is a total jank; look how hairy his palms are.
by Darrell February 14, 2004
Street name for ritalin
'Hey darrell, do u sell R ball?'
by darrell August 24, 2003
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