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The days in which students are forced to go through extreme torture due to examination from faculty members who love to enjoy to see students work harder then they do at any given day. Usually held at the end of a semester, followed by partying and extreme drug abuse, which leads to mental retardation.

It's just one of those weeks that happens to give you HELL, it occurs twice a year, and it often induces extreme insomnia and makes one look like a student on crack.

See Dooms Day
"D00ms Week, Orly?"

"Dooms Week has grabbed my balls and twisted them hard, I'm way too stressed bro I hardly have time to sleep"

by Darkmasterchief December 06, 2007
The day when a student is forced to face his worst fear, a midterm or god-forbid a Final.

Also written as D00ms Day.
See Dooms Week
"Good luck on Dooms Day, dude!"
by Darkmasterchief December 06, 2007

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