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It's simple, when Neanderthals evolved these people quite obviously got left behind, it makes you feel sorry for them.....NOT!

If we had them all killed I expect that several make up shops, Argos and various tracksuit shops would become bankrupt as Chavs account for most of the sales of cheap awful jewellery that sends your neck/wrist/ear green. The upside is that cheap tracksuits would become less popular so shops would have to stock decent clothing that doesn't make you look like a blue tree trunk, YAY for that. As well the sales of foundation would fall and I wouldn't have to walk around town and see umpa lumpa's ever time I feel like going shopping.

A chav is a lot like a piece of litter, no-one wants it around but no-one wants to pick it up, simple. That leads to something else, the countries overall IQ would go up if all chav's moved to mars, because the average chav probably has -1 IQ so yay for intelligence.

I have to admit some do have souls, there are the select few that actually are nice to you IF THEY HAVE KNOWN YOU FOR AGES! otherwise they may be nice to you for various other reasons:
~They want to copy off your school work
~You have money, they don't
~They are alone, no crew members etc.
~They are working in McDonald's and so close to being fired from the only job they have
~You are giving them their benefits.

~Probably pregnant five times by the age of sixteen
~They are more orange than the orange that you peel and eat
~Wearing tracksuits that show what underwear they are wearing (cringe)
~Pushing a buggy/ have a bump or both
~Usually smoking even if they do have a bump.
~Hair scraped back so tight that it gives them an instant face lift.

~Somehow he is drinking or smoking (No idea where the money came from)
~Wearing the lamest trainers with white socks that encase the bottom of their tracksuit bottoms
~Have never heard of a job those who have probably were pushed into by their mothers.
~Skinhead or small spikes
~Wearing a burberry cap or something all the time.
~Always seem to have a mate called dave

We should do the country a favour, everyone unite even if you hate each other with a passion and go chav hunting, forget the foxes they have done nothing wrong, chavs have, I have the bruises to prove it...
Chav1: Ere, yu scratter, got a fiver.

Educated person1: What, how can you call me a scratter and no

Chav2: well you wear all that black

Educated person2: *Silent look of irritation*

Chav1: yu Startin mosha

Educated person1: I am not here for a fight, I only want to get something from the shop.

Educated person2: Just let us into the shop please

Chav1: ere Dave help me bash up these moshas.

Starts to shove first educated person and gets a punch in the nose for his troubles and starts to cry like a little girl.
by Darkindulgence July 08, 2009

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