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Pure heaven. Best band ever and if you don't know who they are....grrrr.
:Puts on Cure cd and no longer hears the rest of the world:
by Darkdreamer February 09, 2004
An aewsome movie where these two dudes go in a time machine and bring back all these famous people for this school project.
Total "dude" count: 246
by darkdreamer July 21, 2003
Great band that I actually like every song on their cds.
Sum 41 rocks!
by darkdreamer July 21, 2003
Owww my ears...make it stop make it stop make it stop.::Gets out cd player and puts in rock music::
Pop music must die!
by darkdreamer July 21, 2003
Super hot actor that looks great in eyeliner (or just about anything else).
I am going to kidnap Johnny Depp.
by darkdreamer July 21, 2003
The best movie ever starring Jack Skellington aka Bone Daddy. It has awesome animation and the characters like go to christmastown and kidnap the sandy claws. It has the best soundtrack ever!
Go watch The Nightmare Before Christmas right now.
by darkdreamer July 21, 2003
Great online file sharing program great for downloading music. Although there are a lot of annoying popups.
Gonna go download off kazaa now...
by darkdreamer July 21, 2003
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