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noun. person who is obssesed with Anime(japanese cartoons) and/or Manga(japanese comic books) Often times belong to an Anime Club. They spend a great deal of their time reading manga and watching anime. Usually love violence and weapons and spend most of their lives in their own little world. Anime Freaks are often found hanging out with nerds, geeks, dorks, and other socially unaccepted groups such as Goths and emos. Usually identifiable by anime Paraphernalia, manga-style doodles and kanji on their stuff, and random use of japanese words or honorifics. Anime Freaks are usually nerdy, but rather hyper and fun to be around as they have no problem being themselves because they don't care what other people think. Anime freaks like to cosplay at conventions and often go by japanese-style nicknames.
Anime freak 1: "Hey, chibi-chan! Did you see Bleach last night!?"
Anime freak 2: "Oh, yeah, it was awesome! I loved it when they cut the gatekeeper's arm and all the blood gushed out!"
Anime freak 1: "Yeah, but the manga was better. They cut his arm right off in it."
Anime freak 2: "Seriously? Kuso, they always cut the good stuff out."
by DarkMoonRevenge February 25, 2007

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