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A manotaur is a female that is highly fit and displaying a high level of muscularity. A manotaur is not unattractive per se, and can still be thought of as hot to some. However a manotaur will not fit the expected cultural norms for what a female should look like.
A bodybuilder or fitness girl would be a perfect example.

"Wow, look at that manotaur!"
by DarkHorse220 July 12, 2008
A labcoat is an individual that places emphasis on intellectualism, rationalism, science, and logic over other types of analysis.

Usually this is done beyond a point of practical use, into the realm of wanking.
"I think the world is flat."

"No, the world is clearly round. Here's evidence from survey maps showing that the world curves, and here's satellite photos from space that show the world is spherical."

"STFU labcoat, you college kids and your books are annoying."
by DarkHorse220 April 25, 2008

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