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People misspell this word to for girls or girlz
Hey gril i mean girl what the hell are you doing?
by DarkGamer July 04, 2005
Blow Job.
Eminem, the rapper made a quote in one of his songs that was never in stores before.

"Is it just because you love me and respect ones of me, you wotie little bitch go fuck puffy..."

There is a quote and thats how everyone knew about puffiness
My Brother: Yo are gay
Me; You gay bitch go fuck puffy!
Brother: mom!....
Me: Die loser *kills him" lol roflmao wahahhahahha!
Sister: thank godness you rock (she is 9 and realy cute)
Me: ill do anything for you sis lets go and have....
by DarkGamer September 01, 2005
best gender on the planet and have more better things to do that girls. Alos they are more into cool stuff while girls including 6 year olds are into sex.
Boys fuck and rule the world

i am a boy and my gang is the boyz.
by DarkGamer July 04, 2005

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