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Short for 'though.' Most often found in IRCs,IMs, and blogs.
Jeez like I saw this dude fall but he was ok, lolololol. Ouch tho!
by Dark Tree March 05, 2005
The 'sick smell' is the odor one smells when one is sick. No one else can smell it but you. If you have a bad cold or the flu, and everythign smells weird and gross, you have the sick smell.
I was feeling a little better from my cold, and I was about to eat dinner until that damned sick smell made me lose my appetite.
by Dark Tree March 06, 2005
A Cvar is a "console variable."
I needed a list of cvars for Doom 3 so I could keep a smooth 60 fps.
by Dark Tree February 26, 2005
The premier hangout for all 4th of July festivities.
"Dude Lets go blow off some fireworks...it's Noxon time."
by Dark Tree February 18, 2005
Cvars are "console variables".
I needed a list of cvars for Half-Life 2 so I could tweak my fps.
by Dark Tree February 26, 2005
This is how Ahnold Schwarzenegger pronounces the word "chopper" as in 'helicopter.'
"Ruuuuuuuun! GET TO DA CHOPPAH!"
by Dark Tree June 13, 2004
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