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3 definitions by Daren Bukator

A moment of brief satisfaction in the midst of an otherwise unpleasant series of circumstances.
The lunch break that separated two 4-hour shifts of hard labour provided Doug with a happiness blip that lasted 30 minutes.
by Daren Bukator December 02, 2007
2 2
When a person participates in a self inflicted lock-down for the purpose of communicating with the opposite sex for a lengthy period of time beginning at/after sunset.
Paul closed his door at 8pm to so that he could work The Night Shift in peace.
by Daren Bukator December 02, 2007
0 0
A sharp feeling of discomfort in the genital region of a man that normally happens without notice causing one to wince in tremendous soreness.
Chris winced in agony as a paingasm suddenly presented itself during dinner.
by Daren Bukator December 02, 2007
1 18