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QQ Kachoo is when you perform the act of QQ'ing but out of anger.
Example 1:
Say someone dies in a DOTA game and they start QQ Kachoo'ing to the other team.

Typical excuses..
or just a typical generic response like "You Suck." Which makes no sense, cause then you just got killed by a sucky player, meaning you suck more.

Example 2:
You constantly dish out shit to make fun of people, but when people make fun of you, you emo out and QQ Kachoo all over the place. Usually involving rage quitting whatever it is your doing.
by DaPeach January 13, 2007
sexy bitch with a sassy attitude.
when a girl walks by with her heels on! nai nai!
by Dapeach February 07, 2012
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