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Fluffernutter is a wonderful concoction of Marshmallow Fluff and peanut butter in a delightfully tasty sandwich!
I ate a fluffernutter for lunch.
by dao October 04, 2003
The Latin name for the ancient city of Carthage, in Northern Africa.
Veni Carthago, et circumstrepebat me undique sartago flagitiosorum amorum.
by DAO March 14, 2012
Used to denote conterfeit Blueberry marijuana.

Usually fauxberry weed will consist of lower-quality weed sprayed with blueberry-flavored tobacco sweetener to make it smell like blueberries.
That shit I got from your "buddy" was fucking fauxberry! It was just schwag with blueberry flavoring!
by dao April 21, 2006
Five card draw with no wilds.
As the deck of cards was passed to Travis, he declared, "Slambot. Who's playing?"
by Dao March 07, 2005
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