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A game played by two or more players. One person at a time places a marshmallow in thier mouths and then says "Chubby Bunny". This is repeated, one marshmallow at a time, repeating "Chubby Bunny" each time. Players turn is over when they can no longer say "Chubby Bunny" or spit out the marshmallow.
Patrick totally kicked Adam's ass at "Chubby Bunny". Adam could only get up to 7. Fuck you gay Adam!
by Danthol April 02, 2006
1. Getting high and playing your next-gen X-box.

2. Modding your X-Box or X-Box 360 with Marijuana themed art.

Killer weed dude, wanna go play some X-Box 420 brah?
by Danthol April 01, 2006

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