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Danisnotonfire aka Dan Howell is an attractive, nineteen year old Youtube vlogger from Manchester, England. Dan started making videos in October of 2009 after being a member of Youtube for three years prior. To date, Dan has over fifty thousand subscribers on Youtube. Dan's second channel, Danisnotinteresting, which has more than twenty-five thousand subscribers. Upon subscribing to Dan's channel and/or channels, he invites you to become either a Danosaur or a Dantaray. Dan is decent at posting videos, but sometimes doesn't post for quite some time.

Dan is friends with another popular vlogger, Phil Lester aka AmazingPhil. The two are seen together quite frequently and often make videos together in Phil's flat.

Dan has profiles on a variety of different sites, including Facebook and Twitter. See example for profile links.
youtube.com/danisnotonfire (Youtube channel)
youtube.com/danisnotinteresting (Second channel)
facebook.com/danisnotonfire (Facebook)
twitter.com/danisnotonfire (Twitter)
dailybooth.com/danisnotonfire (Dailybooth)
formspring.me/dan (Formspring)
fuckyeahmargaritas.tumblr.com/ (Margarita blog)
danisnotonfire.tumblr.com/ (Blog, doesn't ever use)
by Dantaray January 17, 2011
A long time ago, mid/late 2009, youtuber Danisnotonfire gave his viewers a choice between calling themselves either "Danosaurs" or "Dantarays" but later made "Danosaurs" the official name by releasing t-shirts that say "I'm a Danosaur. RAWR" (You can buy the shirts and wristband on districtlines.com/danisnotonfire)
Real Fan: "I remember when Dan called us dantarays!"


Real Fans: "Wtf?"
by dantaray July 05, 2014

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