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When somebody pleasures themself by touching their gentital area
Jodie was really really horny, so she went online to search for some naked men.. The internet was down.
'SHIT!' She screamed.
Luckily her parents were out, so she walked upstairs and put on a skimpy bra and thong. She stood infront of her long mirror and started feeling her boobs, she thought this looked really sexy so she riped her bra off and started jiggling her boobs around whilst rubbing them vigourously.

Then she started feeling up and down her panties, she felt her pussy hotting up, so she ripped off her pants and threw her legs open, in the mirror she could see her dripping wet pussy, which made her scream in delight! She wanted to pleasure it SO much that she imagined channing tatum rubbing his dick allover her pussy, so she began to vigourously rub it up and down, cum stuck to her fingers and she gasped and moaned at the sight of her own hand touching her pussy, she imagined him thrusting his dick into her and she dug her middle finger deep down into her g-spot, she moaned she screamed she gasped, she was in love with herself. So she masturbated herself, damn she loved masturbating
by Dannybloomshield August 19, 2013

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