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Scene is a steriotyped label such as - goth,emo,grunger,preppy...etc

Tis goes beside the emo label as some traits are very similiar.
The scene always chenges- this can be looked at many ways such as, the scene where people go and the scene is what people like to wear and so on as so forth.

Many inconsiderable people such as chavs dont understand the scene and never wil cause there never rise to there level.

Scene kids wear-
van's, converse, bandanna's, drainpipes, tight tee's with slogans on or scene bands.

Scene kid's listen to-
Scene bands who are either powerpop or electro such as, cute is what we aim for, hellogoodbye, Enter shikari...etc

Scene Kid's talk with there on language-
you probally wont fully understand this unless you know the scene.
talking to each other:
That's rad!
You Gash!
You fucking what!
and so on... also using high classed words that under-educated people wouldnt know the meanings of
Online speech-
omg, omfg, many shortcuts for the MSN Emoticons like (Y) or :/ are well used. many words are placed in the square like brackets too.
words are shortened alot to make them better and quicker to type such as, srsly - seriously

Scene Kid's have-
a place where they hang! usually outside there local gig venue or a shopping centre. other places that they go will be hidden and no-body will be able to find them.

A MySpace profile which is usually white as small as possible with one big picture in the about me section. they have about 8734730 picture comments and still think they should have more and then they will delete the picture.
they say a picture is old when it's about a month old. will have lots of friends which they never talk to and will never do aswell.

Scene Kid's also-
go shopping in charity shops.
get wasted every weekend. or any oppurtunity.
order clothes out of catalogs your wouldn't be able to find.
know bands that you wouldnt ever hear of unless your scene too.
show there love romantically.
refer to all the other labels as lower than them and using them as insults.

Scene kid's never ever admit that they are scene.

10 scene points for you
cheers ill give you 10 for the new bandanna
i love you
i love you too
by Danny.K December 21, 2006

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