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A word added to the end of a sentence to stress your statement. Accent is on the second syllable.
California is full of Filipinos naman.
by Danny SS August 07, 2005
A fantastic set of large, moderately drooping breasts that begged to be sucked untilthey turn purple.
Jenny has the nicest set of sucklers I've seen. I wish I was her baby.
by Danny SS August 07, 2005
Very slang term used for some one who is super ugly. (Filipino)

Contraction of Super and Pangit (Ugly in Filipino) plus a W in the middle.
I can't believe you kissed Dingdong he is so swangit naman
by Danny SS August 07, 2005
The posterior of a simian creature. Used in simile to express the discomfort of brutal heat.
Yesterday it was cold as a witches tit. Now today it's hot as a monkey's ass.
by Danny SS August 05, 2005
A vernacular term for the Catholic style cross that is often hung the wall of a home. This term is tenuously Yiddish in derivation.
I had trouble sleeping over Chris' house because the Jesus on the Yoizel hanging over my bed was staring right at me.
by Danny SS August 05, 2005
An expression used to hyperbolize ones dissatisfaction with the idea presented. ‘Cows’ & ‘cock’ are most likely associated for no other reason than their alliteration and oxymoron attributes.
I don't give a cow's cock what that bitch wants!
by Danny SS August 05, 2005
The pureblooded British population.
"The Yellowteeth produce some of the ugliest girls but also some of the best beer, music and automobiles. Where do they get their inspiration?"
by Danny SS August 07, 2005

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